Author and speaker Donna Towle returns to Cincinnati on September 1 to discuss her new book, Seven Gifts and Seven Sorrows. Donna lives in Portland, Maine but loves the holiness and peace she feels when she comes to Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.She was here for the 31st Celebration last year and spoke about how her life experience led her to write her book “My Spiritual Guide for Souls” which is a compilation of two prayer forms – the Divine Mercy Chaplet, along with quotes from Jesus given to St. Faustina as meditations. This book  is available in Our Lady’s Work Shop. Donna’s new book “Seven Gifts and Seven Sorrows” is going to print and will soon be available in the gift shop. This prayer book is based upon Our Blessed Mother’s Sorrows and how together with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit we can overcome any obstacle in this life by knowing that God’s Love will always bring us back to His Heart through the incredible gift of our Catholic Faith. If we truly believe in His Infinite Love for us with the love of His Son Jesus Christ, then the love of the third person of the Trinity, The Holy Spirit will carry this belief to fulfillment in our journey to Eternal Life…No matter what!