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You have reached the website home of Our Lady of Light. This site has three objectives: first, to present words of Our Lady as given to an anonymous Batavia, Ohio visionary; secondly, to call attention to the work that must be done to establish harmony of the human race with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through Mary, the Mother of God; and finally, to encourage you, the reader, and anyone you can influence, to pray and act as Our Lady guides us.

What you will find here is not harsh and threatening. Rather, the messages are warm and supportive, as have always been Our Lady’s words to mankind. She only cautions, asking that we pray and act on behalf of a world drifting away from the kind of humanity that God the Creator intended. Please enjoy your visit. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at the address below.

To enable you to quickly find your way through this site, each page features the same buttons at the left and top of the page.

Site Map

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Mission Statement

The mission of Our Lady of Light Ministries is to promulgate the messages of Our Lady of Light, to expand her ministries, and to create, organize, and implement innovative services in her name.

The above mission statement officially defines the role of Our Lady of Light Foundation, but it applies also to a broader entity called Our Lady of Light Ministries. These Ministries, however, take the mission one step farther by emphasizing the activities of today resulting from requests from Our Lady made many years ago.

How to Contact Us

Our Lady of Light Ministries

c/o Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

5440 Moeller Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45212, USA

Tel: 513-531-MARY

Email: OLL@fuse.net


Publications and instructions for ordering are listed on the Bookstore web page. Orders can be placed there using most popular credit cards. Most materials listed on this website are also available at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center just prior to and following the Center’s scheduled events.

About the Messages

The messages presented on this website have been discerned by five ordained Catholic priests, two of them with doctorates in theology. These priests have determined that there is nothing potentially harmful to the faithful in reading the messages. As in all private revelations, the matter of accepting or rejecting message content is up to the reader. Our Lady of Light Ministries hopes that you will find this site and its messages uplifting and conducive to an enriched prayer life and that you will now be better able to appreciate the work Our Lady does on our behalf.


The Internet is wide and deep with references to Our Lady and her activities around the world. She is known by many titles, only one of which is “Our Lady of Light.” At one point, we even counted over 35 legitimate sites referring to her by that title alone, from diverse locations like Egypt, England and Ireland, and even in the U.S. in states like Arizona and New Mexico! So consider our link listings as a beginning in your quest for information about Our Lady and her activities. She is working very hard on our behalf!