The “Miracle Hunter”, Michael O’Neill, graduate of Stanford University and member of renowned Mariologist Society of America, has been interviewed numerous times on EWTN’s News Nightly and Bookmark, and radio like the Catholic Channel on Sirius XM and secular medial outlets like “Fox & Friends” and Live Science magazine. He is the host of the weekly Relevant Radio program “The Miracle Hunter” and is the author of the books, “365 Days with Mary” and “Exploring the Miraculous”. 

According to the World Apostolate of Fatima U.S.A. the core of Mary’s message at Fatima can be expressed in three simple sentences:

  1. Addressing the eternal order, she told us that hell exists and that souls are being lost to it because there is no one to make reparation for their sins.
  2. Speaking of the temporal, she said that war is a consequence of sin.
  3. The salvation of souls and the attainment of world peace require the conversion of sinners. “People must stop offending God because He is already so much offended” (Oct. 13, 1917).

Miracle researcher, Michael O’Neill told Catholic News Agency that Fatima apparitions could be considered the “gold standard of Marian apparitions.” “It has everything you’ve ever wanted to look for… It’s got these secrets, the prophecies. You also have a feast day in the general Roman calendar, the approval of the local bishop, and of every pope afterwards; you have the canonization of the visionaries and the basilica that was built.”

Michael O’Neill studies miraculous claims and calls the Catholic Church’s approach to them “perfect”. Miracles can really help to bolster somebody’s faith,” (O’Neill) says. “They shouldn’t be the center of our faith. I’m the ‘miracle hunter’ so it sounds funny for me to say this, but it’s a great entry point and it’s a point of excitement for people to engage with their faith and turn towards Christ, when they see these great occasions when God has blessed the world. For people who have lost their faith, miracles are a great way to re-engage, and for young people who have supernatural characters and storylines in their movies and video games — well, we have all that in the Catholic faith so it’s a great way for them to get interested in the faith.”

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